Devin Moran Racing
Devin Moran Racing

2017 Rocket XR1 (New)

Rocket XR1


- Brand New

- Never Run

- Roller (Minus Shocks, Engine, Transmission, Belts & Seat

- For more information contact Tye Twarog at (740) 391-9990

--- Price: $33,000 ---

Devin Moran

430 Malcuit 15 Degree Engine:

- 40 Laps run at Gateway

- Strong Engine

--- Price: $20,000 ---

Devin Moran

2015 Mastersbilt Race Car:

- Approx. 10 Races Old

- 2nd Quick Qualifying car for the World 100 in 2015

- No Shocks, No Springs, No Tires or Wheels Included

--- Price: $20,000 ---


---Complete Race Car Turn Key Price: $50,000 ---



With the 2016 seasson winding down, we have quite a few used tires that are currently for sale. Each tire with be $40.00 a piece or we can try to work out a deal on a bulk purchase.

DMR would really like to move as many of the tires as possible to make space for new ones.

If interested, please call Donnie at 740-607-2299 if interested!


Tire Brand Tire Type Tire Size Notes
Hoosier 1300 28.5 Rib
Hoosier 1300 01 Lucas Oil
Hoosier 1350 28.5 Rib
Hoosier 1350 03 Lucas Oil
Hoosier 1425 28.5 Rib
Hoosier 1425 Misc NRM
Hoosier 1425 01 Lucas Oil
Hoosier 1600 28.5 Rib
Hoosier 1600 Misc NRM
Hoosier LM (20) Misc 90's
Hoosier LM (40) Misc 92's

UPDATE: We have about 70 to 80 used tires we are looking to get rid of. Lots of 1300's and other miscellaneous tires. We are selling the whole pile for $1,000! We would really like to move these tires! Great deal on a lot of tires, first come first serve!!


Devin Moran Racing

Devin Moran Racing