Devin Moran Racing
Devin Moran Racing

Speedweeks in the rear view for Moran and team DMR/TTR with solid finale.
Devin Moran(February, 27th 2017)
Devin and Team DMR/TTR have been gone since the beginning of February this year and have been racing nearly every night with only three rain outs over two states, and four tracks. The team had good showings at Screven Motor Speedway and Eastbay Raceway Park. The team struggled some at Golden Isles and Volusia Speedway Park, but ended on a high note this past Saturday at VSP before heading back to Ohio!

After getting rained out back to back days at VSP along with a fog shortened race Friday night, Devin and Team DMR/TTR set out to finish strong at the "Worlds Fastest Half Mile" to end speedweeks on a high note. The team struggled once again in qualifying, but moved forward enough in the heat to sit on the pole of the B-Main. During the B-Main Devin would turn some of the fastest laps of the night and have nearly a half a track lead on the field until a late race caution allowed Dale McDowell to slip by the Dresden, Ohio native, but he would still start 21st on the grid in the A-Main finale.

During the feature Devin would hug the bottom for the first several circuits before he found his rhythm on the high side. He would then begin to pick cars off left and right storming to the front. A late race caution, along with the right tire combo, allowed Devin to get in further forward as he was able to get into the sixth position with just a handful of laps to go. When the race ended Devin would settled for sixth needing just one more caution to possibly contend for the win.

Overall Speedweeks was successful. The team showed speed and the results were fairly consistent. The team is headed back to Dresden, Ohio and will take a day or two off before heading over to the track to do some extensive testing on the Rocket XR1 chassis. The team is excited for the season as Columbus Speedway (MS) is next on the list at the end of March with the WoO Tour!

Devin Moran Racing

Night two in the books at VSP as Team DMR/TTR has WoO on the horizon
Devin Moran(February, 21st 2017)
Team DMR/TTR took to Volusia Speedway park for night #2 of the DIRTcar UMP portion of racing action at "The Worlds Fastest Half Mile". The team was looking to build on the previous night as qualifying good was the teams top priority.

During Qualifying, the team laid down the 5th fastest lap in their group which would allow them to start 5th on the grid for the heat race. Only the top 3 cars would transfer to the A-Main event, so track position was key when the green flag dropped. The team made some minor changes to the Rocket XR1 #9 and they worked in the heat as Devin would charge to the transfer spot finishing third at races end.

The team would start 15th on the A-Main starting grid making a few more minor changes to see if they could get the car to move forward. Devin spent the first part of the race staying out of trouble, but would find his groove and begin to move forward as the race progressed. He would run as high as 12th before a late race restart would see him slip back to 16th where he would ultimately finish.

The team still feels they are headed in the right direction as WoO competition begins on Thursday. The team was hoping to get one more practice round in on Wednesday, but mother nature stepped in and canceled the nights racing action.

Devin Moran Racing

Devin and Team DMR/TTR have good first outing at Volusia Speedway Park
Devin Moran(February, 20th 2017)
Devin has never seen Volusia Speedway Park behind the wheel of a Dirt Late Model. He has seen the track a few times with Team co-owner Donnie Moran behind the wheel, but not as a driver. The team decided it was time to change that on Monday and headed south from Ga. to the "Worlds Fastest Half Mile" in Barberville, FL for the first of six nights of racing.

The team had high hopes heading into the event, but dug a huge hole after qualifying very poorly in the DMR/TTR Rocket XR1. The poor qualifying effort put Devin in the last row for his heat race with only one way to go, forward.

In the heat race Devin would do just that as the team charged to the front on the very fast racetrack. When the checkered flag dropped Devin would be 6th earning him the pole of the B-Main. In the B-Main he would lead the first half of the race before giving up the top spot to fellow Rocket driver Brandon Sheppard and settling for the runner up spot.

In the feature Devin would use the 30 lap main to figure out how to get around the half mile in heavy traffic. When the checkered flag dropped he would be in the 16th spot, on the lead lap, and with just a little body damage.

The Team was pleased with the first night out and knows what to do next as they prepare for night two at VSP on Tuesday night!

Devin Moran Racing

Team DMR/TTR has fair night on first WoO event at Screven
Devin Moran(February, 18th 2017)
After a good practice night on Thursday, Devin and Team DMR/TTR were locked and loaded to compete in the first stop on the WoO Tour at Screven Motor Speedway for the $8,000 to win opener.

During hot laps Devin showed a lot of speed in the Rocket XR1 #9 as he would clock in fourth overall and carry that speed over in to qualifying as the team would stop the clock with a 14.804 lap around the speedway which was good enough to lock them into the 3rd starting spot in heat race #3.

When the green dropped in the heat Devin was determined to make the low line work around the fast racing surface and would make a bold pass to get around Brandon Sheppard and Jason Covert coming out of turn four on the low line. Devin would slide up the race track and make the initial pass on both drivers, but Covert would hit the wall as Sheppard was able to get back around Devin at the line before the caution came out. When the checkered flag finally fell it was Sheppard taking home the win with Devin in second. Top two cars would redraw for the feature event which gave the team a 7th place starting spot of the feature.

During the feature the team had high hopes of a good solid points night, but struggled early on as the car had lost all of its traction as the track slicked off and became very rubber down. By the races midway point a caution came out and Devin would dive pitside for a chassis adjustment. The adjustment paid off as Devin was able to go from the back of the pack and get back into the 12th place position at races end.

The team has taken some good notes after the first night of racing and has a good grip on what to do next as they prepare to get back inside the top ten and top five on the WoO tour on the final night at Screven Motor Speedway.

Devin Moran Racing

Rain cancels night three at Eastbay ... Team decides to head to Screven Early
Devin Moran(February, 16th 2017)
After two solid nights on the Lucas Oil Dirt Late Model Series stop at Eastbay Raceway Park, Team DMR/TTR have decided not to stay in Florida for the Thursday night show, but instead head back in the Georgia to Screven Motor Speedway for the WoO opener practice session.

Devin has never been to Screven Motor Speedway, but team co-owner Donnie Moran knows all about the short track in Georgia and has many laps and a lot of knowledge on how to get around the speedway.

Practice for the WoO opener starts at 6:30pm and will go until 10:00pm or slightly later depending on weather and the amount of cars practicing.

Devin Moran Racing

Moran charges from 13th to 4th in back to back top five finishes!
Devin Moran(February, 15th 2017)
Coming off the first top five of the season for the brand new team of Donnie Moran Racing and Tye Twarog Racing, the pit area was a buzz about the early success the pairing is having. The team itself was very upbeat as well as they rolled into night two ofLucas Oil Dirt Late Model competition eager to improve on the night before.

Devin would qualify fifth fastest in Group A qualifying which would earn him a third place starting spot for the heat race with only the top four transfering into the main eventt. When the green flag dropped on the heat race Devin would quickly jump into the third spot and begin to work on Michael Lake for the runner up spot. The two would do battle for several laps until a cation would fly for Greg Saterlee only a few laps into the heat. When the green flag flew again Devin would get a bad restart and fall back to the fifth spot. When the checkered flag fell, Devin would charge back into fourth getting the final transfer spot into the feature event.

When the green flag dropped in the feature, Devin would start 13th on the grid, but would quickly move through the field picking off cars left and right on his way to the front. By the races midway point he was just outside the top five and would quickly crack the top five settling in fourth with 15 to go. When the race finally came to a close Devin would finish in the fourth spot for his second straight top five finish.

The team is learning with every lap what the new Rocket XR1 likes and dislikes to Devin's driving style. Everyone in the pit area knows something special is forming with Team DMR/TTR and the teams first win could be right around the corner.

The team is setting up for the final two races at Eastbay Wednesday and Thursday before making the trip back north into Georgia for the WoO opener which the team plans on running the full season chasing the title and rookie of the year honors.

Devin Moran Racing

Team DMR/TTR rebound at Eastbay for Solid Top 5 on opening night!
Devin Moran(February, 14th 2017)
After taking a night off from racing Team DMR/TTR opened up the home stretch of racing on Monday night with the Lucas Oil Dirt Late Model Series at Eastbay Raceway Park. The team had tested some Sunday night and felt they had a better grip on the new Rocket XR1 heading into the opening night.

During qualifying Devin immediately showed that testing paid off as he would time in 9th fastest in his group which would put the Dresden, OH native in row number two for heat race #1. When the green flag dropped in the heat Devin would charge to the from getting into the runner up spot by the half way point. Brian Shirley would go onto win the race with Devin coming home in second which would allow him to start in the fifth spot for the feature event.

When the green dropped in the feature Devin would immediately charge to the front going from fifth to second in just a handful of laps. Devin would make a charge at the leader, but slip up a little when Kyle Bronson threw a slider coming out of turn four causing the #9 to fall back into the fourth spot. From there Devin would pick off the positions he lost and get back into the runner up spot behind fellow Rocket driver Brandon Sheppard. As the race wore down, Devin and Sheppard would run very similar laps, but remain a second apart from each other as the two dealt with lapped traffic.

With just a handful of laps remaining one last caution would fly. Devin would make an attempt to sneak around the outside of the Rocket House Car of Sheppard on the start, but would hit the slick part of the track instead giving up his runner up spot to Earl Pearson, Jr.

When the checkered flag dropped, Team DMR/TTR would come home in the third spot behind winner Sheppard and Pearson. The team was ectatic with the results on the night, especially after leader GIS with heartbreak not making the show.

The team is set to compete in night #2 at Eastbay with the Lucas Oil Dirt Late Model Series once again. If you would like to watch the race live, you can do so by going over the Lucas Oil TV by CLICKING HERE for more information!

Devin Moran Racing

Team DMR/TTR struggles in final race at GIS
Devin Moran(February, 13th 2017)
Devin and Team DMR/TTR wrapped up the start of Speedweeks this past Saturday for the final night of racing at the Golden Isles Speedway in Brunswick, GA for the Lucas Oil Dirt Car Series Finale paying $12,000 to win before the teams head to the Sunshine state. The team had a solid first outing the night before and had hopes of improving on night two.

During Qualifying the team struggled to find the grip on the tough race track and the stopwatch showed as the team clocked in near the back of Group Qualifying. He would find himself in the last heat race and the last row.

When the green flag fell in the heat race Devin would charge from last to fourth on the opening lap, but a caution would fly putting him back into the last row. On the restart Devin would get another good jump on the field and slip into the fifth spot right behind Corey Conley for fourth. The two would do battle the entire heat race, but Devin would not find his way around the West Virgina native and settle for fifth.

In the B-Main Devin would line up fifth and once again get a good jump on the start and move to fourth putting heavy pressure on Conley once again for third. Both Conley and Moran would put heat on the transfer spot (2nd), but it was to no avail as both drivers would finish outside the spot for the feature event.

Overall the first two nights were a success for Devin and Team DMR/TTR and despite not making the show on Saturday night the team is very upbeat and ready to go racing. Next up is Eastbay Raceway Park with the Lucas Oil Dirt Late Model Series. The team plans on running four nights at Eastbay before making the travel into Georgia again for the WoO opener at Screven Motor Speedway.

Devin Moran Racing

Moran has solid debut in Rocket XR1 for Tye Twarog Racing!
Devin Moran(February, 11th 2017)
Devin Moran and Team DMR/TTR traveled south to Georgia opening up Speedweeks 2017 at "The Super Bowl of Racing" Golden Isles Speedway for the $10,000 to win Lucas Oil Dirt Late Model Series event.

In hot laps the team was just a little bit off, but the track was not the best either. When qualifying took place Devin showed speed timing in 3rd fastest in Group A Qualifying. The 3rd fastest spot on the clock put Devin on the pole of his heat race and would line up along side fellow Rocket driver Jimmy Owens.

During the heat race Devin would get the jump on the Owens leading the races opening lap. On lap two, however, Owens would slip by on the inside in turns three and four and go onto win the heat. Devin would finish in the runner up spot giving him the 11th place starting spot for the feature.

On the start of the race Devin would fall back and ride around in the 13th spot for the first 10 laps of the feature. He would then work his way back into the top ten before the track became very rubber down with little passing as everyone would hug the bottom. As the race neared the end, several drivers would begin to have tire failures from the hard racing surface. Devin would do a great job keeping the car clean and conserved his tires to come home in 9th spot for the teams debut.

Next up with be Golden Isles Speedway once again for the final night of racing in Georgia as the team will leave after the races to Eastbay Raceway Park to run four consecutive nights of racing before the World of Outlaws Tour opens up at Screven Motor Speedway on 2-17-17.

Devin Moran Racing

Moran launches new website with Speedweeks on the horizon!
Devin Moran(February, 1st 2017)
Devin Moran Racing will have a new look on the web for the 2017 Racing Season as Dustin Carter Designs released the new website earlier today featuring the new joint effort with DMR and Tye Twarog Racing.

Devin will be entering his first career full season as a member of the Craftsman World of Outlawas Late Model Series chasing rookie of the year honors as well as an overall points title.

The WoO season will kick off at Screven Motor Speedway in Sylvania, GA Febuary 17th and 18th as drivers from all over the country kick off the season at the annual event labled "Winter Freeze".

Devin and Team DMR/TTR will start their season off prior to this event as the team will debut with the Lucas Oil Dirt Late Model Series at Golden Isles Speedway in Waynesville, GA Febuary 9th thru the 11th. The team will then pack up and head South to Eastbay Raceway Park in Tampa, FL for the 41st Annual Winter Nationals sanctioned by the Lucas Oil Dirt Late Model Series for the first four nights of racing.

The team will then once again pack up and head back north to Screven Motor Speedway for the "Winter Freeze" on WoO opener. Finally the team will then travel back to the Sunshine state one more time to Volusia Speedway Park for the WoO/DIRTcar Gator Nationals to finish speedweeks.

Race fans can check for all of the up to date information or visit our Facebook page as well to stay on top of Devins results for what looks to be an exciting speedweeks and 2017 racing season!

Moran wraps up 2017 Down Under Tour. Finishes 2nd to Francis!
Devin Moran(January, 25th 2017)
Just before Christmas Devin adventured "Down Under" once again to pick up the annual USA vs. The Western Australia events. Devin has made the annual trip to kick off the season a few times in his young career, but was hoping for the illusive first victory while racing down under.

The first stop for Devin would be in the Ben Nicastri Racing #3-99 BWRC machine. This would be the first time Devin would race with the Nicastri Team as he was tabbed early on in the year to kick of the "Down Under Tour" just after the first of the year.

Devin did not disappoint either, as he would go three for three in the Nicastri #3-99 winning races at Valvoline Speedway and Goulburn Speedway. Devin and the entire DMR family would like to thank the Nicastri Racing Team for allowing us to be apart of a special week of racing and all their hard work!

Next up began the USA/Australian Challenge as the competition would stiffen up with fellow USA drivers Steve Francis and Florida hot shoe Jason Fitzgerald joining the mix. Devin would also switch rides as the Nicastri Team stayed on the East Coast as Devin went West for the annual mini challenge series. Devin would hop in the Jason Moyle Racing #99 for events at Perth Motorsports Complex, Collie Speedway and Albany Speedway.

Devin would have one of his best USA Tour trips of his career as he would finish second to Steve Francis each night and even charged from 14th to second putting on a show for the fans on one evening. Devin's final stats while down under read 7 starts, 3 wins, 7 top fives (second four times) and 7 top tens. Devin would also like the thank Jason Moyle Racing for allowing him to race top notch equipment and all the hard work the entire team did to get ready for the USA Tour!

Devin and Tristan, who made the trip with his brother this year, are headed back to the states as the 2017 World of Outlaws Tour awaits the Dresden, OH native. Donnie, Wylie, and Tye Twarog have been hard at work getting the Rocket XR1 machines prepped for racing as Speedweeks is closing in!

Devin Moran Racing

Devin Moran Racing